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Andrea Micheli

Andrea Micheli

Andrea Micheli (Milan, 1972), naturalist and MBA graduate, has served as an advisor TO publishing houses and cultural foundations (Longanesi, Salani, Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia). He has staged several personal exhibitions in Italy, Switzerland and overseas, and he has published articles and books. He has accompanied his friend and teacher Elliott Erwitt on several photography trips that have culminated in joint exhibitions. He is a founder member of Photoaid, a social and environmental photographic agency. For several years he has lived among the mountains and vineyards of Camorino.

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UBP - Union Bancaire Privée Artphilein Foundation


The Swiss Photo-Three Award is the first international photographic competition on tryptics
Each entry will be valid before 11.59pm UTC+1 Zurich time on 31/05/19
The Swiss Photo-Three Award is totally free
You must be 18 years of age or older at anytime during 2019
You have to submit One tryptic with a brief description of the work together with a summarised CV in English.
Images must weight 2MB maximum and must be in .jpg
Andrea Micheli will be the President of the Jury.
Other members will be announced soon.

Terms & Conditions

  • 1 By agreeing to the terms and conditions for the Swiss Photo-Three Award you acknowledge that:
    • you must be 18 years of age or older at anytime during 2019
    • you are submitting a valid entry before 11.59pm UTC+1 Zurich time on 31/05/19
  • 2 By submitting your work to the Swiss Photo-Three Award you agree that Swiss Photo-Three has the right to use your work for promotional and editorial purposes related to Swiss Photo-Three.
    Any images used will include full credits. Usage includes all media worldwide.
  • 3 By creating an account on you agree to receive email updates and communications about the Swiss Photo-Three Award programmes.
    You may unsubscribe from these emails at any time.
  • 4 Submission requirements:
    • One tryptic as a sole image or three single images making a tryptic. No dyptics are allowed.
    • A brief description of the work (up to 500 words per series).
    • A summarised CV (PDF or Word document in English).
    • If you submit as a Duo, please fill up the “notes” field with the required data of the second author.

    • Images must weigh 2MB maximum.
    • Images must be in .jpg.
    • Images as installation are allowed, but within the limit of three single images upload.

    IMPORTANT: If all of the above requirements are not met, we will not take the application into consideration.
  • 5 By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you acknowledge that your personal data can be used for Swiss Photo-Three Award purposes and other related activities.
    For more information please e-mail:
  • 6 Our committee takes the time to carefully review each tryptic that is submitted, a process which can take up to a some weeks.
    Please do not contact us to see whether you have been selected. We will notify you ourselves in due time.
  • 7 Jury members will select 5 finalists. The 5 finalists will be notified of their status by June 2019 and will appear on our website.
    Finalists will be asked to send an original print of the tryptic, properly mounted and framed, to be showed during a special event that will take place in Switzerland thanks to our Sponsors. The winner will be announced during that Special Event.
    It will be awarded to the first place a prize of 1’500 CHF, in addition to the free concession of a solo show within the space of Heillandi Gallery in Lugano (CH).

Contest Winner

MIYUKI OKUYAMA is the the winner of the first edition of the Swiss Photo-Three award, ed.2019 with the triptych "At Dusk"!
Congratulations to the winner and to the five finalists!
See you next year!

Miyuki Okuyama

At Dusk

Dusk is the transitional hour between day and night. It may symbolize the border between conscious and unconscious, life and death, or reality and fantasy. Curiously in my native culture of Japan, dusk was believed to be the time when one might encounter dark creatures. At Dusk is a photo project to visualize inner/alternative reality. The images, like poetry, will leave a place for a viewer to fill in the gaps. The presented images are from wide subjects, from landscape to animals and plants.

Contest Other Finalists

Andrea Tonellotto

tryptic centro polifunzionale #1

This is my vision of the "PalaExpo Venice", and it is part of the work about the new multifunctional space built on the occasion of Expo Milano 2015. The pavilion is outside the historical center of Venice, near Ponte della Libertà , and it is the perfect location for exhibitions, congress, concert and sporting event. Tryptic of Polaroid instant photo - Unique.


TRITONIDI N. 15 2018

The triptych n.15 is part of the Tritonidi series,each composed of 3 photos taken and processed with a smartphone.The Tritonidi are mythological figures of virtual reality, digital metamorphoses resulting from pixel grafts.They are imaginary characters inspired by Ovid's poetic fantasy,by the medieval fantastic bestiaries,or by the Japanese manga-robots.The morphology of the Tritonidi alludes to the 3 elements that make up the mythical Chimera,but also to the figure of the greek god Tritopator.

Ernesto Blotto


The three fan images part of a series of twelve. The story inspired by the photo of a young girl on the tomb in an abandoned cemetery. I imagined the girl's premature disappearance, on whose tomb for a long time no one brought any flowers, probably the last relatives of her were dead. Then he decides to be reborn as a flower, a poppy, to signify the fragility of life.


Oltre Lo Scatto/Beyond The Click

The projects starts from the fact that,the realization of the image does not end in the moment in which the film is impressed,however,from that moment on,a crucial phase begins for the final result.Moreover,the uniqueness of the work,the possibility of reinterpretation and the direct intervention,without the use of equipment,on a tangible image,enhances the creativity of the final piece.